What You Need Know

So you’ve got this AMAZING idea or product, but you have no idea where to turn, or who to trust. So what’s the next step? Well stopping to visit our Amazing Inventions website means you’re off to a good start. I’m Scott Opfer, President of Amazing Inventions and our parent company Opfer Communications, Inc.

Twenty seven years ago I had a “big idea” for a company, so I rolled up my sleeves, took over a bedroom in the basement and got to work. Like you, I had dreams of where it might lead, but was scared to death to take the leap and put everything at risk. All I can say it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  

For clarity, Amazing Inventions is the product sourcing and marketing division of Opfer Communications, a global leader in the production and distribution of direct marketing programs, commercials and infomercials. With the dream team of marketing experts and the most amazing people in our industry, we have built one of the most trusted and respected marketing companies in the world.

Along the way we have enjoyed some of the biggest success in the history of direct response TV along with some dismal failures. The long and short of it is that if you want to bring a product to market, it takes time, patience and money and the good news is that with the right item, we can use other people’s money to make you rich.

Before we go further, I’d like to share with you 10 tips, which at the very least, I hope will give you a clear perspective and realistic understanding of the invention, product development and marketing landscape, while getting you started in the right direction.


  1. If You Are Married to Your Product, Get a Divorce: Your passion, enthusiasm and love for your item is completely one sided, and the other side doesn’t share the love you do. Just because you think your baby is beautiful, doesn’t mean anyone else will. I know it’s harsh, but most marketers are going to look at your “baby” as either a ‘ball and chain’ that will drag them down or an ATM that will print money. As an inventor or a product owner, you need to focus on selling the features and benefits of your product and convince marketers and consumers why they can’t live without it. Trying to sell them on the fact that you put your heart and soul into the development of the project and that your family and friends absolutely love it, will have zero impact on marketing professionals. In the end, if the product is unique, can solve a problem, has mass market appeal and can carry a retail price that consumers feel has real value, then eventually the right people will fall in love with it.


  1. The Golden RuleThe guy with the gold, makes the rules. There isn’t a marketing company on earth that’s going to assume all of the risk in manufacturing and marketing your product, and then give you the lion’s share of profits. If you want to simply license or hand your product off to a 3rd party, then you are resigning control of it in exchange for a small royalty percentage.  Each deal is different, but the more risk you assume in the process, the larger the piece of the pie you’ll get to keep. If you want to keep the pie to yourself, prepare to pay for it.


  1. Road to Riches: Having the right idea or the right product at the right time, can lead to wealth beyond your wildest imagination, but in most instances, the road to riches is a long and bumpy one. If you’re looking to cash in overnight and get rich quick, you might be better off saving your time and money and spending it in Vegas.


  1. Do Your Homework: If this is your first time bringing a new product to market, be careful, because with just one mistake, it could quickly be your last. Like any other industry, the invention, product development and marketing industries are infested with sharks, just waiting for new blood to hit the water. Know exactly who you are dealing with and do your homework to be absolutely sure you have a partner you can trust. When you were in school, you would always study long hours before taking a test because you didn’t want to fail. You need to implement that same discipline and mentality in evaluating and choosing a marketing and distribution partner. Since it could the most important financial decision of your life, it only makes sense to take your time, do your homework and NOT rush to failure.


  1. Ask Lots of QuestionsIt’s your idea or product and you deserve answers. If you don’t ask questions and get the answers you need to fully understand the process, then you are doing yourself a disservice for which you could pay a huge price later. If a potential marketing firm is reluctant to answer your questions, then you should be reluctant to work with them.


  1. See The Warning Signs: If you are looking for a marketing partner, but you don’t recognize the names of any of the products they represent, do you really want them to be your marketing partner? Hire a company like that and you’ll join the ranks of the tens of thousands of other products that never hit the mainstream market. It just makes sense to look at a firm’s track record and portfolio of product success stories. Get references! If you can’t get solid references and if you don’t see the products they represent on TV, on the web, in catalogs or retail stores, it’s painfully obvious they aren’t very good at doing what you need them to do.


  1. Promises PromisesAny firm or marketing “expert” who can guarantee a return on your investment or promise to make you rich, is either stupid or a liar. As my Dad once told me, “the only time you are guaranteed to lose your money is on the sure thing“. There is no such thing as a “sure thing” in product development, direct marketing and brand building, so any salesman who tries to tell you otherwise, is nothing more than a commissioned salesperson looking to make a buck at your expense.


  1. As Seen on TVThere’s no faster way to create product awareness, generate web sales and create and drive retail distribution than a good infomercial. But as any true professional marketer or infomercial expert will tell you, most products don’t fit the infomercial model and of the few that do, very few actually make money. Over the last 27 years we have produced hundreds of infomercials and while we can’t always tell you what will work, we can usually tell you what won’t. If you want to know the ins and outs of the infomercial business, call us and ask lots of questions. Rest assured, you’ll get straight answers.


  1. Patience is a VirtueRarely is any product an overnight success story. Be patient and persistent because if you have the right ingredients, it’s only a matter of time before you find the right “recipe” for success. Rushing into a product launch is more often than not, a rush to failure. If you want to reap the benefits of your product for a lifetime, then you owe it to yourself to move swiftly, but methodically through the process and walk before you run. After all, you can try to “eat the elephant” in one bite, or you can do it one bite at a time.


  1. Reality CheckHope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That fact is a lot of great products never make it into the mainstream marketplace. Even though it may be a great product, consumers may not be interested enough to warrant the expense of manufacturing and distributing the product.   While it’s fun to dream about having the next SNUGGIE, you also need to prepare yourself for the possibility of dismal failure. By tempering expectations, the lows won’t be as low and the highs will be even higher.  

You’ve reviewed the previous tips and you’re convinced you want to take your idea or product to market? So why should you work with Amazing Inventions? We’ll here’s 10 good reasons why you don’t want to go anywhere else.


  1. QualifiedYou’ll be working with a team of the most qualified and most honest people in the industry. I’ve hand selected my team of professionals, most of whom have been with my companies for between 10-20 years and they are the driving force behind everything we do. Our business is built on the success of the products we launch, so when we sell a lot of product, each team member shares in the rewards. It’s the kind of motivation that keeps each team member focused on every aspect of our business and yours.


  1. Honesty and IntegrityWe do everything with honesty and integrity. We make money by selling products, not spending your money. While we want to make money just like you, we never make money at someone else’s expense. It’s pretty simple. If we’re not absolutely convinced we can make you money, we’ll tell you to save your money.


  1. Track RecordLook at our portfolio and you’ll see the products we’ve helped launch over the last few months, not to mention the last quarter of a century. Turn on any TV or walk into any retail store in North America or on any continent in the world today, and you’ll see a product that we helped put there. Like the music industry, you’re only as good as your last hit and as you’ll see in our product portfolio; our “hits” have been on the charts every year for the last 20 years.


  1. Straight AnswersWe won’t tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you what you NEED to hear and NEED to know. Sometimes the truth hurts, but getting straight answers and sound advice is the only way you can make educated decisions about your product and your business. Honesty is what you’d expect, and it’s what I demand.


  1. ConnectionsYou’ve heard it said a million times. “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Unfortunately it’s true, especially in the crowded space of product development, marketing, branding and distribution. After a quarter of a century, we’ve established relationships and connections that would take you, or anyone else, a lifetime to secure. In other words, we can connect you with the people you need to know and the places you want to be, without waiting a lifetime or spending a fortune to get it done.


  1. Real World ExperienceYou can try to launch your product on your own, but be prepared to “push a boulder uphill”. You can try to win a game you don’t know how to play, or you can partner with an AMAZING team that knows how to play and win. I can assure you that our team has forgotten more than most inventors and manufacturers will ever know about taking a product to market. Over the years, we’ made the mistakes and learned the lessons so you won’t have to. When it comes to marketing on the web, TV, retail, catalogs or radio, our experience pays gigantic dividends down the line.


  1. One Stop Shop?Not exactly. I’ve always felt that one shop that claims to be the best at everything is nothing more than a “jack of all trades and master of none”. Rather than trying to be the “end all” and “one size fits all” company, we’re the dream team company. Since every product is different, it’s our job to work with our clients in assembling the dream team that best suits their respective product, business and objectives. Our team drafts the game plan and then turns to our stable of vendor partners to execute each respective campaign component under our guidance, direction and supervision. In most instances, we are their largest customer, so you can can rest assured, we get an unparalleled level of service and attention, at the very best price.


  1. À La Carte Services MenuWhether it’s something as simple as a conducting a focus group or creating a website, securing a patent or trademark, getting your product on a shopping network or into a big box retailer, or something as complex as producing a 30 minute infomercial, in 30 different languages for distribution in 30 different countries, it’s what we do everyday. You tell us what you need and we’ll get it done, right.


  1. ConfidentialityThis is one issue that really keeps inventors and product owners up all night, every night. As an entrepreneur myself, I get it. That’s why confidentially is absolutely paramount in my companies. Each team member understands the importance of confidentiality, and is held accountable to uphold your privacy and confidential information. Having launched many of our own products, we understand how important it is to keep all confidential information close to the vest and in the family.


  1. GuaranteeI won’t ever guarantee that we will make you or your product famous, but I can guarantee that no one will work harder to try and make it happen. I can also guarantee that if we think your idea or product is a waste of time, we won’t waste any time in telling you. As previously stated, sometimes the truth hurts, but we’d rather tell you up front, before you spend a bunch of money on a bad idea. You may have a great product, but we may not be a great fit for you, and/or you may not be a great fit for us. If there is a “love connection” between us, then I can personally guarantee you that that we will work relentlessly to exceed your expectations.

If you’re ready to know more about us, we’re anxious to learn more about you. Simply fill out the confidential product submission form or call us. Ask lots of questions and hopefully we’ll have the information and answers you need.

Imagine that. A company with a longstanding track record of success, that does everything with honesty and integrity and is committed to working in your best interest and not stealing your idea or spending your money. That’s not just unique, that’s AMAZING!


At Amazing Inventions, we will work hard to earn your trust and work even harder to keep it.

Thanks you for your consideration.



Scott Opfer


Amazing Inventions, LLC.