Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Amazing Inventions- who we are and what we do! Get the answers you’re looking for.


How do we define success?

Everybody’s definition of success is different, and your success will be defined by your goals. It’s our job to help you achieve them.  


Is Amazing Inventions the low price leader?

No. We are not the low price leader as Wal-Mart already makes that claim. The good news is we are the VALUE leader, providing the best service at a very competitive price….and by the way, we can also get your product into Wal-Mart.


Does Amazing Inventions offer joint ventures?

Yes, in some form or function, but if you’re looking for a no risk opportunity and expecting someone else to do all of the heavy lifting while you take all the profits, you should probably look elsewhere for a partner. Rest assured, if it’s the right product, we’ll provide the resources to launch it.


How important is it to test the product?

You’d never jump head first into a dark swimming hole, without knowing what’s beneath the water would you? With that in mind, it’s better to test or “dabble our toes” in the marketing waters before taking the plunge. It’s why God teaches us to walk before we run.


How long does it take to test the product?

Sometimes as little as a few days and sometimes months. It all depends on the product and the marketing approach. We’ll find the right approach in the shortest time frame possible.


What happens if the product test is successful?

Then HANG ON! It can be swift and exciting. We’ll help move you to the next level.


What if the product fails?

Then HANG ON! It can be short and painful. We’ll try to help minimize the pain.


Can I get a celebrity talent/ spokesperson to “pitch my product”?

Sure, but they’re expensive! The fact is, celebs make good products better, but they don’t turn losers into winners. In most cases, we recommend testing a product without a celebrity to see if it will stand on its own.


Do I need testimonials for my product?

It depends on the product and marketing approach, but it never hurts to have consumers who will say nice things about your product. If necessary, we’ll help you get the testimonials you need.


Are all products good TV products?

NO! In fact, most products are not suited for TV. Contrary to popular belief, most infomercials fail! Regardless of the product, commercial, producer or media, most infomercials fail miserably. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar, a thief or both…or the person simply has no idea what they are talking about.


Is this a turn-key marketing program?

Yes. We do the majority of the “heavy lifting”.


Do I receive my original product back after sending it to Amazing Inventions?

We put it on EBay for Christmas bonus cash. (Just kidding) Actually, we keep the products because we’d go broke trying to ship all product submissions back. You’ll take comfort that sample products are donated to local charities, unless of course that it’s a one-of-a-kind prototype, which will be returned to you.


Do I need a patent or trademark before I present my product?

No, but you probably will sometime soon. We can help you assess the need for a patent or trademark and can help you get one or both if necessary.


What type of products does Amazing inventions look for?

If it’s a product that can be used by mankind on earth, we’d like to see it. As they say, there are no stupid questions, ideas or products, only stupid people.


How does Amazing Inventions benefit from my idea/ product?

It’s simple. Product sales. Sure we make a few bucks on our services, but the payoff for everyone is on millions of units sold, not a few dozen. If you make money, we make money and you’ll be glad to learn that our customers usually make a lot more than we do.


What is the normal turnaround time for getting my idea out on the market?

As fast as humanly possible. Now that really is “freaky fast”.


Why should I trust Amazing Inventions with my idea/ invention?

Because you need to trust somebody, sometime, so you might as well trust a company that’s been around for more than a quarter of a century with a reputation for making its customers disgustingly wealthy.


So why choose Amazing Inventions over the others?

Because we do everything with honesty and integrity. Yes, over the last 25 years we’ve made some mistakes, but we’ve learned from them and we always try to do what’s right. In an industry filled with snake oil salesmen and knock off artists, we’ve opted to take the high road, not our customer’s money or ideas. If you have an idea or product, it’s yours, not ours. It’s our job to try to protect that idea or product and help turn it into a household brand. We don’t tolerate people stealing our ideas, and won’t tolerate anyone trying to steal yours.


So does Amazing Inventions tell me what I want to hear or what I need to know?

If you want the straight scoop, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the honest answer is, good or bad, you’ll get it from Amazing Inventions. Sometimes the truth hurts and the fact is, we won’t waste your time or ours telling you what you want to hear. If you have a great idea or product, we’ll move ahead at lightning speed. If we think your product is a “dog” we’re going to tell you like it is. So regardless of how passionate you are about your idea or product, prepare yourself, because the Amazing Inventions team is going to give you a dose of reality. If your product is a “dog” we’re going to tell you before you spend a fortune only to learn your “dog has  fleas”. Before someone else tries to spend your money, call us and we’ll tell you if it’s money worth spending.


Should I look at Amazing Inventions competitors first?

Absolutely! Would you take an exam without studying? Then don’t spend time and money on your BIG IDEA without knowing who you’re dealing with. Do your homework! We’ve been in the direct marketing business for more than a quarter of a century, so do your research on us and ask a lot of questions. You’ll find that Amazing Inventions and our parent company Opfer Communications have a proven track record and impeccable reputation.


Does Amazing Inventions guarantee a return on investment?

Absolutely…NOT! In fact, lower your sales expectations; dramatically. That way, success will be that much sweeter and failure will be far less painful. While we’ve made some people filthy rich, we can’t guarantee your idea or product will be successful in the mass marketplace. However, we can guarantee that no one will work harder to exceed your expectations and turn your financial dreams into reality. It’s what we do, and we do it very well, everyday.


So who do I call if I have more questions?

If you’re still reading, then you already know the answer to that question. Bring them on and don’t stop until you are absolutely certain that Amazing Inventions is the perfect fit for you. For what it’s worth, we’re going to ask you just as many questions to see if you’re a good fit for us. Call us anytime toll free at 1-800-966-2400. As they say, “Operators are Standing By”.