100% Confidentiality


At Amazing Inventions, we know that confidentiality is paramount and that’s why we go to great lengths to keep every idea, invention, product or project, absolutely confidential. In fact, every Amazing Inventions team member is bound by our self-imposed, meticulously regulated and fiercely enforced code of ethics that absolutely forbids revealing confidential information about any of our clients ideas, inventions or products to any third party without permission.No information exchange. No social media posts. No Tweets. Not even a casual conversation.

It’s what you expect from us, but it’s also what we expect from you. During this process we are going to have to share many of our secrets with you, so we deserve and demand the same measure of secrecy and confidentiality that you expect from us.

Confidential information includes all technical and business information relating to your invention, idea or product and our business practices that was previously not known or is not available to the general public. So when you submit your idea, invention or product to Amazing Inventions we are both agreeing that this is a reciprocal relationship that demands absolute confidentiality and trust from both parties and holds each party accountable for maintaining that confidentiality and trust.

You’ve worked hard to keep your idea or product ‘under the radar’ and we’ve spent nearly 30 years earning the trust of our customers and our reputation as a company that works tirelessly to build long term, mutually beneficial business relationships. We can spend a ton of time and money on lawyers drafting, reviewing and exchanging all kinds of expensive legal confidentiality documents, but in the end, those are only as good as the people who sign them. It’s your baby, but you’re about to become a member of our family, and what happens in the family, stays in the family. If you agree to mutual and reciprocal confidentiality, then simply fill out the submission form and let’s get started!



Scott Opfer


Amazing Inventions, LLC.