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Are you looking to launch your consumer product into the mass marketplace and into the hands of consumers around the world?

Amazing Inventions is the idea and product development, marketing and distribution division of Opfer Communications, Inc., a global leader in direct to consumer marketing.  Whether you have a great idea, an invention prototype or a finished product, Amazing Inventions has all the tools and resources you need to launch your product into the mass marketplace. Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll recognize the products and brands we’ve helped launch through every sales channel imaginable, including crowdfunding, media blasts, infomercials, TV shopping networks, mobile media and retail stores.  If you think your big idea, invention or finished product is the one the world has been waiting for, then don’t wait another minute.  Call or hit SUBMIT right now, and let’s get started. Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed!

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AMAZING Process!

Phase #1:

Idea/Product Evaluation

 Amazing Inventions Review/Analysis

Phase #3:

Idea/Product Development

 Product Patent
 Virtual 3D Animated Model
 Product Name
 Logo Design
 Product Demonstration Videos
 Product Specific Website Development

Phase #2:

Idea/Product Analysis & Validation

 Consumer Analysis and Validation
 Post Analysis and Analytics Report
 Patent Search & Legal Opinion
 Strategic Recommendation

Phase #4:

Implementation & Distribution

 Licensing & Manufacturing
PR Campaigns/Social Media
 Direct to Consumer or B2B  E-Mail Blast
 Infomercial/TV Commercials
 Home Shopping  (Electronic Retail)
 Retail Distribution

Call Now! 1-800-966-2400

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Call Now! 1-800-966-2400