How to start an essay

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How to start an essay

This essay is going to explore how to start off an essay. The writing process of a coherent essay should begin with an introductory paragraph that aims at motivating the reader and captures their attention to keep reading. There are several ways to start an essay. Different introductory strategies can be followed in order to write an essay effectively. An interesting way to begin writing an essay is to state the thesis in a direct way.

Started directly, the thesis lets the reader know what the main topic and themes of the whole essay are. Further, an effective introductory paragraph can proceed with a question that is posed and related to the essential points of the subject under investigation. The reader is invited to think of different solutions and possible ways to decipher the ambiguity posed by such a question. This introductory strategy ignites a sense of dialogue between the writer and the reader.

Furthermore, it is advisable to start off an essay through the use of a personal revelation or discovery. The central idea or thesis of should stem from an inspirational experience that the writer wants to share with particular readers. To cite a good and solid thesis statement, you can consider the following example :

Conflicts and wars all over the world are generated mainly by the need for economic hegemony.

Such a strategy helps the reader share the same outlook and attitudes of the writer. The latter’s discovery of facts and revelations contributes to an effective way to start off an essay.  Also, a useful strategy to introduce a particular topic is to recount an event that really represents the subject at stake. It is worthy to add that there are several strategies that can be useful in any introductory paragraph such as opening with quotations and contrasting between opposing realities.